Artistic Medals


Artistic Medals was founded in 2008 by the passion of two collectors that can't find medals to meet parameters such as:
originality of the subject, quality of materials and manufacturing process have decided to start their own production.
At the end of 2008 counted already sold several pieces throughout the region and so, by early 2009,
we expanded our market nationally and internationally using trade fairs, exhibitions, markets especially the e-commerce.


How we work and our standards

Our goal is not to fill the world of our medals but produce a limited number of pieces that go to compose the elite of each collection.
For this reason we follow the production at every stage for ensuring that every production process is respected perfectly and can guarantee and meet our quality standards.
The prototypes were sculpted by the italian artists and the merger is totally handmade medal for medal.
Each medal is individually shipped in a box of fine craftsmanship with a certificate in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity and shows the number of series production.

About Us

Resto del Carlino
20 Luglio 2010

Radio città
20 Luglio 2010

Resto del Carlino
11 Luglio 2010

Buy Medals

All our medals of our production measure 4.6 cm in diameter, are carved on both faces and worked with care through handcraft processes.

Each medal will be shipped inside your own velvet bag.

We remind you that the payment can be made immediately after purchase
by clicking on the button "Proceed to Checkout" which will allow you to pay by PayPal.
Alternatively, you can also pay by Bank Transfer.

If your choice falls into one of these methods, report it to them purchase notes; we will send you the necessary details.
Please pay within seven business days.
Otherwise, we will feel tacitly free from the sale and we will reserve the right to resell the item.

Customize Your Medal

Do you want to make one or more medals that remember a moment or an important person in your life?

We can do this too!

Describe the best, even with the help of drawings or photographs, what you have in mind and we will do it for you.


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